Over a year. Really?

It's been over a year. That's sad. As someone who writes for a living, you'd think I'd do a little more writing for fun. Or just out of sheer momentum. This time I'm writing because I am wrapping up a lovely week off. According to my to do list, I've done a bit of golfing, movie watching, meditating, working out, fashioning of a necklace, lunching with friends, breakfasting with other friends, bike riding, calendar making, doctor visiting, windshield replacing, haircutting, shopping, and napping. And I still managed to get in some good old fashioned laziness.

I've also done a good bit of reflecting. It's amazing how much alone time you get when everyone else you know has a job or is off traveling in a foreign country. And I've confirmed what I already knew, it's been an incredible year. My most significant relationship of the past five years is transitioned from a girlfriend to a friend. And is still a work in progress but seems to be coming along. I started a full time job at one of the most scrutinized companies in the world. My team has won several awards for work that I've been a part of. I've met a new person who seems like she could be a significant friend and possibly more. And I'm working to be a better friend to those that know me. (If I haven't been in touch as much as you'd like, here's the invitation to call me out on it.) I'm also working on being a better friend to myself. More encouraging. More getting in the gym. More getting out on the golf course. More understanding. Continuing to be patient, even-keeled.

The one thing I really have no right to do is complain. My life is far too good. And it seems so are most of the other lives I interact with. Most realize it. Some are beginning to. Some are still in the grip of the media who seem to control their perspective with fear rather than the realization of all they have going for them. This world is a blessing. And every day you get to participate in it, you're blessed. Whether you like it or not. The day may go well. It may not. But it's still a blessing. It's still a gift. It's an opportunity. In my case, it's often an opportunity to write. And one I should take more frequently.