Dearest pig, how do I miss thee? Let me count the ways.

One way really. Slow roasted and served in a barbecue sandwich that doesn't have slaw on it. I understand some places need the slaw to make the meat more moist but I just think that's cheating. Troutman's gave me my fix this trip. The pig was rich and smoky. The t-shirt we bought for Stephanie was even more epic.

If I did anything this Thanksgiving, I ate well. Mom and Stephanie made ridiculous cinnamon rolls. I made Chili that was pretty good. Dinner at Grandma's was as good as it's ever been minus the missing family members. Everyone had somewhere to be, though I'm sure we'll catch up soon. I can't wait to hear stories of Popsicle businesses, senior years and living with girlfriends. Those are all sure to be big adventures with stories worth telling.

I also was unable to catch up with so many friends that I would have liked to. There simply is not enough time in this world for all the goodness I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by. That's not bragging so much as a wish for a 30 hour day.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as stellar as mine. I think I might have even gained a pound or two.