I hoped I would be so lucky in SF that my only move would be from corporate housing to the fabulous apartment I had found in the Lower Haight.

Sadly, while I am the luckiest man in the world, I'm not that lucky.

Trav, my old roommate, and his girlfriend Celeste have decided to nest. Now that I have moved out, they are quite comfortably nesting in a three bedroom, one and a half bath palace. Good for them.

It also turns out to be good for me. I have found a rather fabulous two bedroom place at much lower than market rate in a rather spectacular part of town.

What makes my new castle so castle-y? Well to start, my bathroom looks like it was transplanted from the Emerald City. Being surrounded by green when you make yellow is quite a thing.

Additionally there's Bob. Bob is our landlord and he grew up in the apartment we're renting. He seems fabulous in that old man who's full of good stories kind of way. He's fair, he redid the floors to tear up the old carpeting and get back to the quite stunning hardwood floors and he likes me. He told me so when I came to look at the place. Apart from the obvious signs of senility, anybody who's willing to put up with me is obviously a patient saint.

So, I'm settling in. Well to my room at least. We have no furniture in any other part of the house. But boxes are being unpacked. 250+ movies are being sorted into their genres. New habits are being made. All in all, I can't complain. My address still contains the words San Francisco.


Get registered, go vote!

As told by a Jelly Donut:

BTW, I do think he's qualified. Now that Palin lady....



Someone finally takes the race issue head on. And when he takes it on, he smashes it.