Ya Voté

I voted yesterday. Went down to the San Francisco City Hall and cast my ballot. Or ballots I should say as there were 4 of them. Propositions, declarations, local elections national elections. All done yesterday. I had to do some pretty hefty studying to make sure I got them all right.

I could see how some might think that San Francisco is over the top liberal. There were propositions on there to have the city encourage the end of ROTC. I voted against that one. Military service is an honorable act selflessness and if that's the path one chooses, so be it.

Another proposition stated that it was San Francisco's official position that the only funding made available to the troops should be for their deployment out of Iraq. Personally, I think they should be able to buy boots and have lunch so while I agree with the larger idea of making a graceful and honorable exit from Iraq, that one was simply too broad in its scope for me to get behind. Another effectively legalized prostitution. Nope, couldn't get behind that one.

But there were also good propositions on there like more funding for hospital programs and earthquake proofing for clinics. Both good ideas.

Anyway, I guess I'm now officially one of those far left San Francisco liberals who gets vilified on Fox News every night for the viewers in "real America." They just can't stand a part of the country that has universal healthcare, one of the most successful homeless veterans programs around and generally speaking one of the strongest economic regions in the world. Those are apparently all terrible things. If you believe that, here's something else you should believe: the world is flat.

Go Vote. Make your voice heard. Otherwise, you give up your right to complain for four years.

Good information

Yes I'm biased but you already knew that.

Here's a video from the Obama campaign on voters rights and making sure you are able to cast your ballot on Tuesday if you haven't already.

Go Vote!